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Visualize the Stereo Field with Unparalleled Depth and Precision

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Comprehensive Spectral Analysis

With the help of our patent-pending audio visualization algorithms, Spec-Ops offers intuitive analysis of the audible frequency range. Each frequency is plotted independently based on its amplitude and positioning in the stereo field. Spec-Ops provides a window into the visual dimension of sound.

Specific Technicalities

  • Spec-Ops

    We perceive sound with our left and right ears at many different frequencies simultaneously. Each of the frequencies that we hear have properties that our brains use to identify them in time and space. Spec-Ops leverages these properties to provide users with visual insight into what they are hearing.

  • Properties of Sound

    Each point on the spectrogram is plotted based on: the frequency pitch (yAxis), the combined amplitude of the left and right channels (zAxis/Color/Brightness), and the combined effects of the amplitude and phase differences between the left and right channels (xAxis).

  • Ultimate Sound Design Aide

    Understand your sounds and the complex interactions between them on a deeper level. Objectively assess each frequency individually by scrolling your dragging your mouse to zoom, track any individual frequency or any frequency range, view your audio input in mono and much more.

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See for Yourself

Watch and listen on headphones or studio monitors as Spec-Ops seamlessly translates audio into a visual scene.

Key Features

    • Fully Resizable
    • Full Screen Mode
    • Color Scheme Designer
    • Amplitude Clipping Meters
    • Optimized for High FPS Visualization
    • Frequency Labels, LCR Labels & Gridlines
    • Real-Time Modifiable Low & High Frequency Bounds
    • Stereo & Mono Modes
    • Spectrogram Freeze Mode
    • Speaker & Headphone Modes
    • Optimized for Low CPU Usage
    • Adjustable Dynamic Range Floor
    • Fixed & Range Based Frequency Tracking
    • Select Frequency, Amplitude & Note Data
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  • Plug-In Formats

    All Bullseye Audio software is available in VST3, AU and AAX Format

  • Requirements

    All Bullseye Audio software is available for MacOS and Windows