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Transform your Apple EarPods & AirPods (1st & 2nd Gen) into a World-Class Listening Device

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Optimized Auditory Reproduction

With the help of our patented digital signal processing correction technology, Neptune not only equalizes both the frequency and phase response of Apple EarPods & AirPods (1st & 2nd Gen), but also features a crossfeed algorithm to simulate realistic loudspeaker listening.

Specific Technicalities

  • Frequency Response Without Neptune

    (+/-24dB) from 45Hz to 20kHz

  • Frequency Response With Neptune

    (+/-6dB) from 45Hz to 20kHz

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  • Without Crossfeed

    Without crossfeed processing (which applies to all headphone users without a software like Neptune or Crossfire), headphone listening, and specifically the stereo field, sounds unnatural. This often leads to a hyper-localized soundstage and exaggerated stereo separation.

  • Crossfeed Explained

    Crossfeed distinguishes speaker from headphone listening. In headphones, each ear receives its respective stereo channel directly. With speakers, low and mid-frequency sounds from both channels leak into both ears with a slight delay, known as the Inter-Aural Time Difference (ITD).

  • Perceptual Differences

    When crossfeed processing is applied, headphone listening sounds more natural and comparable to speaker listening. Specifically, low and mid-frequency sounds with stereo information will not give the impression of strict separation between the two audio channels.

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Hear the Difference

Experience the power of Neptune firsthand by wearing your Apple EarPods or AirPods (1st & 2nd Gen) and listening to the examples below.

Key Features

  • Frequency Response Correction
  • Phase Response Correction
  • FIR Filters Optimized for Pre/Post Ringing Reduction
  • Realistic Crossfeed Emulation
  • Linear Phase Mode
  • Zero Latency Mode
  • 3.5mm to 1/8in Adapter Compensation Mode
  • Optimized for Low CPU Usage
  • Plug-In Formats

    All Bullseye Audio software is available in VST3, AU and AAX Format

  • Requirements

    All Bullseye Audio software is available for MacOS and Windows