Mixing with headphones leads to poor mix translation. Crossfire helps solve this using crossfeed. 

What is Crossfeed?

With speakers, sound from the left channel will be heard first by the left ear and then by the right ear at a slight time delay and vice versa. The sound that travels to the opposite ear will arrive at the eardrum filtered with mostly low and mid-frequency energy. This effect is called crossfeed.

Why do I need Crossfeed?

Most commercial audio is created, mixed, and mastered in a studio using speakers. Without crossfeed the spatial impressions you get will differ from a professional environment. Because of this you will have trouble referencing professionally made music with headphones. 

For MacOS

Install Crossfire

VST3, AAX, and AU Plug-Ins

For Windows

Install Crossfire

VST3 and AAX Plug-Ins

A Visual Representation of Crossfeed