The World Is Your Studio

Bullseye Audio is a Digital Signal Processing (DSP) company with a mission to help you optimize your headphones for music production.

What is Neptune?

Neptune corrects the frequnecy response of Apple EarPods and uses crossfeed to recreate the stereo field found in professional studios. Neptune works in your DAW of choice as well as an application for your computer. 

The Problem With Your Studio

Nearly all sound systems are wildly innacurate. Your headphones or speakers are likely playing frequencies that are more than 20 dB's off from where they should be. This leads to poor mix translation and a less than stellar listening experience.

The Problem With Your Headphones

Headphones do not accurately recreate the stereo field created by listening to two loudspeakers playing the left and right channel seperately.

Why Does Neptune Only Work With Apple EarPods?

Simply put, the technology behind our patent-pending algorithm works best on in-ear headphones, and Apple EarPods (wired 3.5mm) have world class distortion performance. 

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